Palace fires. Secret passages. Imperial treachery. Espionage.
Dangerous women...
And in the castrate underworld,
The most evil eunuch of them all.

This is BEIJING. A city seething with mystery and royal intrigue.

The wilful Min Li thinks she knows this game; knows it well.
After all, even Admiral Zheng He once fell for her charms.
But Emperor Zhu Di's concubine is about to learn the price of her deception.

The Ming Storytellers is a historical tale of 15th century China that sweeps across the palaces of Nanjing and Beijing into the mountainous villages of Yunnan, where a mysterious shaman holds the key to a woman's destiny.

Across the oceans, from the bustling bazaars of Southern India to the lush shores of Zanzibar, nothing is quite what it seems.

For the eyes and ears of the Ming Emperor are ever near.

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