Laura Rahme I was born in Dakar, Senegal where I lived for eight years, arriving in Australia at the age of ten. Of French, Lebanese and Vietnamese descent, I grew up multi-lingual with a strong interest in culture, history and travel.

In 2006, while working on my Vietnamese family genealogy, I learnt that some of my ancestors were concubines. Having always loved writing, I began The Ming Storytellers. I drew inspiration from history untold and rode on a rising wave of interest for one of China's most intriguing dynasties, The Ming.

For my research, I travelled to China as far as Beijing and Lijiang. Breathing life into The Ming Storytellers was also a time travel journey with much pleasurable historical research.

Even with my university degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Psychology, this novel was the hardest project I had ever undertaken. I am currently working on my second novel but still enjoy publishing articles on my blogs, Les Nuits Masquees and Teranga and Sun.